Digital Quick Reference Guide | King Vision Resources | King Vision aBlade Resources

  • STEP 1: Open the battery compartment on the Display (found on the handle area that inserts into the Blades).
    Slide the cover in the direction of the arrow.
  • STEP 2: Install the 3 AAA batteries being mindful to place the ribbon under the first battery.
  • STEP 3: Replace the battery cover by sliding it up towards the video screen,
    it should click/snap securely into place.
  • STEP 4a: Check the Display is ready by pressing and holding (about a second) the white power button
    on the back of the Display.
  • STEP 4b: The LED above the screen should illuminate and show GREEN.
    If the LED is RED the batteries that were installed need to be replaced with fresh ones.
  • STEP 5: Turn the Display OFF. The Display must be OFF before attaching the Blades,
    if not the video image will not display.
  • STEP 6: If using a Standard Blade, bend stylet and the endotracheal tube to mirror the King Vision Blade's curve then lubricate as normal. Stylets are not needed with Channeled Blades.
  • STEP 7a: Choose the blade type (channeled or standard) and open the blade packaging.
  • STEP 7b: Insert the Display into the Blade.
  • STEP 7c: Listen for a "Click" and feel the Display engage with the Blade.
  • STEP 7d: Turn the Display ON, both the LED should light up GREEN
    and the video screen should now show an image.
  • STEP 8: (If you are using the Standard style Blade: SKIP this STEP)
    For the Channeled Blade: take the lubricated endotracheal tube and slide it through the channel to lubricate it.
  • STEP 9: Insert the King Vision into the patient's mouth midline. Watch for airway structures as you advance the King Vision. Always center the vocal cords in the middle of the display screen.
  • STEP 10: Pass the endotracheal tube through the vocal cords confirming placement with the display.
  • STEP 11a: (Standard Blade) simply remove the King Vision from the patient's airway.
  • STEP 11b: The Channeled Blade requires the user to "peel" the endotracheal tube from the channel before removing the King Vision from the mouth.
  • STEP 12: Dispose of the Blade. Display should be cleaned and disinfected before its next use.